Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International intrigue

Today's seeker can be found here.

The Oracle sees a man with a double life, a friend for home and a friend for away. Carrying on a long distance relationship - across two continents, no less - can be very difficult. Doing so while attempting to keep the hometown sweetheart in one's fold can be even more so.

If you visit this man unexpectedly at his parents' home, a relationship will end.


  1. O great one: I suspect the vicious cretins at that other magazine have already deleted this post, for it does not arise when clicked upon in your response. I am vexed.

  2. The internet did not exist 2400 years ago. Try again. The Oracle's minions have repaired the link.

  3. Oh, The Oracle is wise indeed. I thought the same thing regarding the boyfriend, and wondered if mom said to her son, in front of the European girlfriend (or wife) no less, "Flowers from Susan? Who's Susan?" And the boyfriend saying, "Hell if I know?!"

  4. But, wouldn't they have some inkling of who Susan might be after receiving her "small birthday cake" delivered to their hotel room for mum's birthday the previous year?

    I saw this more as a young man trying to hedge his bets and the ensuing uncomfortable conversation at dinner. "Just how serious are you and this girl?" etc. Cakes and flowers make it more difficult to say, "Not very, mum."