Friday, October 23, 2009

The Sage takes on Dumb A.. er, Dear Abby

Since the Oracle has not yet escaped, ... er, that is, returned from .. a um, retreat, the Sage will continue to maintain control of Del-Fly.

Our Seekers may be found here.

1. The Sage recognizes that you are fighting against your baseless jealousies. After all, just because your wife cheated on you before doesn't mean she will again. Naturally, she would not want to cancel her plans to go out with her chums just because you have a rare day off. She has obligations to these other souls which obviously are more important than her obligations to you. You need to develop interests of your own. Find a not-too-young, yet shapely, young sitter to come and stay with your children when she is out. If you don't have plans already, perhaps your babysitter will be able to help something come up.

2. The Sage is appalled that you would shop or bake for hours, and still send such thoughtless gifts. You need to apologize to each of the adults to whom you have sent these obviously unwelcome millstones, and inform them that you shall not be abusing them further. To the children whose parents have fortuitously warned you against encumbering the children with such useless trifles, rest assured that children have no taste, and may yet enjoy these trifles you so laboriously have chosen.

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