Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flighty Sage

By popular demand (Who is to say that one person's opinion is any less important than everyone else's?), the Sage has been convinced to end the sabbatical early and to emerge from the Mystic Cave to enlighten today's Seekers.
Please review these Seeker's queries here.

Finished? Good. The Oracle will now step aside so that the Sage may dispense this week's tidbits of wisdom.

1. The Sage understands that your boyfriend was merely curious as to where you learned these exotic techniques, which his own prior dalliances had not included. The Sage recommends that you entice him with the prospect of even more lurid relations in the future, by confessing to a long and adventurous series of lovers. Be certain to keep notes, so that you are not caught in any contradictory tales which might prompt distrust.

2. The Sage recognizes that whether you acquiesce or not, one child will be forced to endure a bit of confusion. The Sage suggests that you agree that your two children should not be subjected to the pain of hearing one person addressed by two names. Inform your in-law that when his child refers to you and your spouse as "Mommy" and "Daddy", and to his own parents as "Aunt Alexandria" and "Uncle Horatio," as your child does now, then you will teach your child to use the term "Grandma" when referring to her "Nana."

3. The Sage has noticed the many young adults with fine educations in the workforce, and is pleased to see such high standards being upheld. Encourage your boyfriend's brother to try to get the best eduation which can help meet his goals in the future. Additionally, have your paramour request from their father help to finance a long hoped-for Doctorate. Just be sure to have him make this request after he has asked his father whether his father wishes to have fries with his order.

4. The Sage has long known that what goes around, comes around. Have your newlywed friend send each of these individuals, well acquainted or not, invitations to a baby shower for you. Make sure that they know of the sizeable admission fee your friend intends to charge, to help pay for her own gift to you.

That's all for today, Followers. The Sage hopes you each will return to DelFly again for future installments.


  1. Oh Sage! Truly magnificent!

    I especially love the advice about the bachelorette party and ensuing baby shower. That is true wisdom!!!

  2. Great point about the parents' names, hadn't even thought of that. And yes, a minimal fee for entrance to the baby shower should suffice. Bravo!

  3. Great wisdom again! The reply to no. 3 just cracked me up!

  4. No.2 is the greatest bit o' sagery I've seen in weeks...well, okay, I've been out of the loops for weeks, and it's always damned good, but still! :-)

  5. What SmagBoy said. The answer to Seeker No. 1 is perfect. I can picture the brother-in-law of the LW, jaw gaping like a fish, attempting to respond...