Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greetings, Seekers!

Permit me to introduce myself. I am the Oracle at DelFly. No, my name is not important. I will appear in this spot from time to time to enlighten Seekers of the Way. Some of these Seekers will have consulted lesser Advisors on other websites. However, for the Path to the Way, one must surely consult the Oracle.

The Oracle will, from time to time, be unable to break away from the Oracle's musings, in which case the Oracle will provide a guest Advisor, such as the Great Sage, late of brief tenure on the Fray at Slate.com.

Feel free to join in and discuss with the Oracle whatever is on your mind. You may not get the answer that you desire, but it should be fun.


  1. Oh Great Oracle! (greetings followed by some mumblings in ancient Egyptian). Please please advise me, I beg of you!

    My sweetie (we have been living in happy sin for the last 29 years or is it 28? I plum forgot) suddenly decided to avoid the barber and he put his hair in a pony tail. Well it actually looks like a basting brush, and a used one at that. You see he doesn't have much hair left....

    The ladies at the senior center keep on flirting with him, basting brush and all, so I'm not sure if I should force the issue. I'm thinking of sneaking up on him when he's asleep and cutting the damn thing off. Do you think he'll mind? Do you think he'll take up with another ancient wench? Help!


  2. If you removes the lesser half of his hair, he will remove his better half.

  3. Be thankful he's not creating some odd looking comb over...or worse!

  4. Actually, this was a made up letter in Prudie's genre. Rich and I conspired to invent it... His hair are fine (what's left of them) and so is his better half (ha ha)